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For nearly four years, Windy's Ranch & Rescue has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for responsible pot belly pig ownership. Find out how you can contribute to the continuing good work of Windy's through donations of money, items or donations directly to our vet at Centennial Hills Animal Hospital. 


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Our Mission

Windy's counts on your help and generosity. We realize it's hard to visit and even harder to actually help with a pig, but you can be a major partner by donating. Basic medical supplies, vet care, feed, treats, bedding and shelter is very costly. Windy's is a Federal 501.c.3 non profit animal rescue, all of your donations are 100% tax deductible. Please, consider making your contribution now.

Windy's Rescue is helping animals in any way we can. We urge families who need help with their pets, to consider every possible option to enable you to keep your pet. Pets KNOW their family, KNOW they are a part of it, and they do not want to leave you. 


TEACUP is part of a set of drinkware. It does NOT describe an animal. We must educate those people who go shopping for a piglet: MINI is description of their first few weeks of life only. JUST like people, they need proper feed and care and NEED to grow into a healthy weight and size, some bigger, some smaller, but NONE are going to be TEACUP.

VOLUNTEER at your local shelter or FOSTER


You can help the animals and help yourself. Spending time with abandoned, neglected, and often abused animals, helps them to regain the trust of humans, creating a more adoptable pet... plus we think it makes YOU a better person, you will feel so good when you know you helped a pet find their way to a loving, forever home! CONSIDER BECOMING A FOSTER PARENT!!!!

Find your inner power by helping those in need

Meet Our Team

Janice Ridondo (with Christy Lee)

Windy's founder and caretaker.

  • Feeding many animals daily
  • Vet care, general, sterilization, and some specialized surgeries
  • Socializing and earning trust
  • Adoption events
  • School projects
  • Parades 

windys in Action

Tiffany & Brianna (with Disco Pig)

Lead volunteers and longtime care givers of many different animals at Windy's Rescue.



Country hoedown postponed until spring 2015



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