Well the boys grew up and they all have found their forever homes. The sweet black runt was blessed to have a vet specialist fall in love with her, and Lil' Cherry now lives with her and her fiance. Windy's got luckier than we could have ever dreamed and all four piglets are living in amazing homes with incredible people! Our dear friend Gina has volunteered to take mama pig into her home, in hopes of socializing her to help her find a forever home as well. I hope you can clearly see from these pictures that the tiny infants who were indeed black and pink have turned into a silvery reddish and black as they have grown into toddlers and will no doubt be big boys. At only a few days old the adorable spotted males were a mirror image of those stupid ads that you see from breeders trying to sell micro mini teacup piglets. I don't lie and of course these pictures can't lie, I am more furious than I was before this family came to Windy's; the teacup piglet ads are for babies that are only a few days old, no other form of selling anything, would ever allow such a thing!


​Mama pig has done a wonderful job of mothering so far, especially considering she isn't even a year old....  but thru no fault of her own, the littlest piglet, the only girl, has had some real struggles with walking and nursing and growing. Gina Brown hooked her up with a wonderful specialist vet, Dr. Smee, who worked her magic and now, the tiny girl, Cherry is back with her family and showing incredible improvement!!!! Woo hoo!  

But... ONCE AGAIN, Windy's is tending to baby pigs who have no business being here! This pair of parent pigs, found stray walking on the city streets, should have NEVER been bred. While everyone loves these precious babies, PLEASE remember we have several other pigs JUST AS IN NEED of your love and affection....

my heart just aches for those forgotten pigs. 

Janice Ridondo

(with Christy Lee)

Windy's founder and everyday caretaker.

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You can help the animals and help yourself. Spending time with abandoned, neglected, and often abused animals, helps them to regain the trust of humans, creating a more adoptable pet... plus we think it makes YOU a better person, you will feel so good when you know you helped a pet find their way to a loving, forever home! CONSIDER BECOMING A FOSTER PARENT!!!!

TEACUP is part of a set of drinkware. It should NOT describe an animal. We must educate those people who go shopping for a piglet: MINI is description compared to the MUCH larger farm pigs... JUST like human babies, piglets need proper feed and care and NEED to grow into a healthy weight and size, some bigger, some smaller, but NONE are going to be TEACUP, NO healthy ones will.

Windy's Rescue is helping animals in any way we can. We urge families who need help with their pets, to consider every possible option to enable you to keep your pet. Pets KNOW their family, KNOW they are a part of it, and they do not want to leave you, THAT should matter to you and your family...

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For nearly six years, Windy's Ranch & Rescue has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for responsible pet ownership, especially POT BELLIED PIGS. Find out how you can contribute to the continuing good work of Windy's through item donations to Windy's or cash donations directly to Centennial Hills Animal Hospital. 702-655-0241 



them their        entire lives 


those in need of a better life


for a good life

Gina with Leigh Anne and Mick helping with Jasper's tusk trim ! ! !

John with his buddy Smitty

Windy's is VERY grateful for all of John's generosity and time...


In the past, when I was younger and much more spontaneous, I donated money to all sorts of animal organizations, in many different states, never knowing enough about the local rescues and sanctuaries who were struggling in my very own community,

IF you give on a monthly basis or even just a few times a year to a non-profit organization, I plead with you to do some research and choose one here in our valley. GIVING WHERE YOU LIVE allows you to actually visit the organization and SEE your precious donations being used directly on the ones in NEED. Thank you  < ( * @ * ) >


Our AMAZING, innovative, make life BETTER and EASIER at Windy's BFF: MICK, with Smitty Kitty at the rescue

Windy's could never repay Mick for all he has done, especially visiting Tif EVERYDAY while Janice was away visiting family,,, 

Mick and his family moved to Northern Nevada and we MISS them dearly!!!!


Number ONE volunteer and longtime care giver of many different animals at Windy's Rescue.

Our baby girl, Peppermint Patty, turned six years old  Sunday, January 25th, 2015; hard to believe how quickly the years have gone by. She is the heart and soul of Windy's Ranch & Rescue

Bringing ZORRO back to Gilcrease after his neuter!!! 

  • Feeding many animals daily
  • Vet care, general, sterilization, and some specialized surgeries
  • Socializing and earning trust
  • Adoption events
  • School projects
  • Parades 

Windy's has MOVED!!!!!! We have purchased TEN acres in beautiful Overton, Nevada and we really need more fencing and could use another barn, if you know of anyone who can help, email us!